Part 2: A Detailed Look at the Las Vegas Strip

Just a few days later, I was back on the Strip walking from one end of the strip to the other. Starting at Mandalay Bay, I passed Luxor and New York-New York, stopping only for a roller-coaster ride to cool off under the desert sun.

Really though, I felt like I just finished a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather due to the roller-coaster’s debilitating padding. After the roller-coaster death match, I walked through Aria, the Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace, Treasure IslandPlanet Hollywood,  the Bellagio, the Venetian, Paris Las Vegas and MGM Grand. I loved New York-New York, Caesars Palace, the Venetian, Luxor and Paris Las Vegas the most because each casino featured themed interiors as it relates to its name.

New York-New York

For example New York-New York looked as if you were walking in downtown New York City with local favorites such as Coney island, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and pastry shops. Walking through this casino, I thought of my midnight excursion to New York City during my freshman year in college.

Caesars Palace reminded me of the Roman Forum and Rome as a whole. The architecture inside the casino is very similar to the architecture in the Holy City, including an abundance of expensive clothing outlets and no shortage of Italian cuisine.

The Venetian looked like Piazza San Marco in Venice, has an indoor canal and numerous live performances.

Inside the Luxor, there was a great Sphinx and pyramid structure with a very desert-like

The Venetian

feel. The edifice of the shops looked exactly like tents. Safe to say, thoughts of The Mummy were expected.

Paris Las Vegas follows the model of the streets of Paris . The Eiffel Tower, which is about half the size of its counterpart in Napoleon’s city. It lights up in the night sky and even has a restaurant on the upper level of the tower.

Inside Paris Las Vegas exists a restaurant called, Mon Ami Gabi, which is a cozy French restaurant with authentic food.  I enjoyed a nice glass of Bordeaux wine and a plate of escargot just as I did in France. That brought back magnificent memories of my trip to Paris in February 2013 where I had a similar meal.

My final thought on the casinos in Vegas: Most of the casinos have frescoed ceilings that look like a sky on a peaceful night and it is really rewarding to have legitimate memories of exotic European destinations that I can tie my feeling son the replica casinos to; that never would have been possible if I didn’t study abroad. Secondly, as expected, the gambling I did yielded as a giant wad of nothing. Good thing I wasn’t planning on doubling my investment portfolio while I was visiting.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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