The Best Things You Learn Aren’t Used in a Classroom…

Nearing the one year anniversary of my departure to my beloved Italy, I find myself constantly consuming satirical picture-lists of what I should, should have, and should not have learned from my experience abroad. I mean, these lists, for all intents and purposes just knock me back into a state of euphoric nostalgia. Half the time I can’t believe my experience happened and the other half I am replaying it in my head, wishing that I’ll wake up in my bed in Viterbo. I’m waiting for the part where my dream becomes reality. Yearning for what was has become a new favorite past time. Especially if it means reliving the experience that revitalized — no, revolutionized — my life. I’ll never be able to live the carefree lifestyle I had in Viterbo again. Not unless I win the lottery.

Each day I wake up is even farther from the dream that became reality. I conquered my fears and gave it everything I had. No regrets, but plenty of memories.

A year ago, I was writing a story about a SigEp whose life was taken by cancer while preparing for the trip of a lifetime. At this time, I hypothesized the things I might see and feel, too naive to know what studying abroad was actually like.

Instead of finding a way to replicate that experience, I’ll just keep reading and sharing these fun lists. Like this one from Huffington Post.

Nobody’s really sure which animal a doner kebab’s is shaved meat comes from.

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