Five Things I’m Looking Forward to in the States

So I thought I would talk about the tube things I’m looking forward to Upon my return to the U.S.A. My impending departure this Thursday has me thinking about what I might do when I get back. It hasn’t taken me long to make a mental list either so I might as well put it on paper…. I mean the computer.

Before you read on, see what I wrote in January.

1. Family

I really can’t wait to see my entire family. I know the first time I made this list, I mentioned them, but this time they deserve the mention. I really miss my parents, my brother, sister, and my grandparents. My parents have been nothing short of supportive and proud. They have inspired and empowered me to try new things and make the most of my time in Europe. They have implored me to take trips regardless of the financial stress it causes me. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. I’m also looking forward to talking to them in person. I have had way too many failed Skype sessions due to terrible Internet. And if that’s not enough, my dad has already told me he has a lot for me to do around the house. I want to see my brothers and sister, too. Though I didn’t talk to them much, it will be great to see them. I haven’t seen My grandparents for months and so it will be a relief to see them and be able to see and talk to them whenever I want back home.

2. Graduation

It’s been four years since I matriculated into UMass Amherst. I began as a shy freshman consumed by social anxiety and emerged a still slightly shy, but confident and carefree man. I joined a fraternity, changed my major, pursued leadership roles, and created a career net. I made mistakes and I made enemies. Some of my closest friends from my first year don’t even talk to me anymore. But hey, that’s their prerogative. Point is, I have grown up and learnedly only a fraction of the things I’ll learn beyond college. I’ve found new interests, tried new foods, and open up strangers who became great friends. I have had a whole lot of firsts, too. I picked up valuable skills from my mentor, and trusted friend. You know who you are. And so, graduation is a culmination of an unforgettable experience and tremendous opportunity. Thank you to everyone who was part of the good times and bad times.

3. Five guys burgers and fries

deliciousnessWell, this one is obvious. I need the best burger I have ever had in my life again and I need it soon. I won’t try to make you salivate over their juicy burger’s, but its bound to happen. Five guys recently made its way into Massachusetts and has been populating suburban towns with every chance it can. Seems like every couple of months a new franchise opens up. This time in Westford. Five guys offers delectable burgers and hot dogs with its signature fries. Cajun fries or regular fries — both are amazing. Their burgers are so juicy and thick that you can’t go wrong ordering one of these.

4. Kimball Farm Ice Cream

Kimball Farm

I need to have my dessert of choice as soon as possible when i disembark. New England’s best ice cream has been taunting me from across the pond ever since opening at the end of March. The ice cream sold here is delicious. It is creamy and tasty and melts in your mouth. I have been going there since I was a kid and have been known to take all my friends there. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it either. Kimball’s has four locations — three in Massachusetts and one in New Hampshire. I live about eight minutes between the Westford Kimballs and the Carlisle Kimballs. Kimballs is great for first dates, its very laid back and low-key there.

5. Dryers

Ok, this might sound stupid, but I can’t wait to use a dryer again. I love Italy and I love living here, but I don’t love the condition of my clothes right now. My polos have gotten longer, as have my pants. The waist on each has expanded too much. Once perfectly fitting clothing now looks as if it was meant for Andre the Giant. Spend four months in Italy and tell me you don’t miss your dryer. I dare you. See Italians are not keen on high electrical costs mostly because the price for electricity is so high. Good-bye drying rack, hello dryer.


So there you have it. Five things I am looking forward to when I return to Massachusetts. A couple of surprising things that didn’t make the list were TV and Boston Red Sod baseball (even though they are playing great); Xbox (I prefer reading now); Dunkin’ Donuts; and my room ( I love walking around in the sun, snow, wind and rain).


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