Il lago di Como

The next day was about fulfilling my grandfather’s wishes to visit Lake Como. He was very adamant about this because in addition to telling me about a thousand times before I left for Italy, he wrote a card to me saying you guessed it: Go to Lake Como.

So we hopped on a train from Milan and when we got to Como, one of the many provinces around the lake, we walked around the center of town. Among the highlights was very expensive clothing that neither Vivian nor I could afford unless we made six digit salaries and overpriced fresh fruit. We didn’t take the bait on the clothing, but we did fall victim to the bananas for sale.

Of course, you can’t go to Como without seeing a Duomo! And this duomo happened to

Lake Como.

Lake Como.

be the last one I will see until I return to Italy in five years so I had to savior the moment. We admired the edifice from the outside and proceeded to the inside where we saw much of the same styles repeated in other churches we have seen in Italy.


That’s one thing the study abroad office never told me – how I would grow to lament walking into churches – by the end of the program. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t have left Como without seeing it.

We trudged lakeside to admire the beautiful Lake Como that attracts millions of people every year. Couples of all ages and countries roam the shoreline every day. I was amazed by the grand size of the lake and of course, the way the sun sparkled like a Christmas tree on the lake. Vivian and I took a paddle boat out onto the lake for forty minutes of straight foot peddling. Picture Fred Flinstone in a boat. This was a rewarding and cost effective experience. Next time and there will be a next time. I will take a boat that does the work for me.

We wanted to catch a panoramic view of the lake. To do that, we took the funicolare up the mountain and admired the lake from a much different angle. This was fun and worth the cost. Though some of the trails up on top were closed, possibly due to the season. But that was no matter because I was trail-blocked in Cinque Terre just weeks earlier.

We went down the mountain for lunch on the water and to catch some sun by the beach. Before heading back to the train station, we got more gelato. Let me just say, I have been on a lemon

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