Sunshine is Contagious, Don’t You Know?

Today I spent two hours outside reading “1984” by George Orwell and came inside to hammer out some writing and photo editing because the sunshine is contagious like the plague.

I woke up, feeling better than ever. Fresh off two spectacular day trips to Orvieto and Bracciano and a commencement speaker rejection email — I had a nice american-style breakfast (bacon, eggs and toast).

I hit Caffe San Sisto, where it was calm and quiet. Not a single USAC soul had been there all day by the looks of it. I ordered the usual, cappuccino con cacao, fired off some text messages to family back home, and then dove into my book.

After San Sisto closed at 13:00, I trekked over to Fontana Grande, right down the road from San Sisto and continued reading. I’m really into “1984” now and can’t wait to finish it so I can read “Perks of Being a Wallflower” again.

Now i’m back in my apartment writing away. Writing for pleasure, writing for school. It doesn’t matter today because I’m in the zone. I’m going to miss simple pleasures like walking to a caffe to enjoy an inexpensive drink before sitting on a fountain in the middle of the street to read a book written decades ago. But for now, I’m going to milk this feeling until the very last day.

There is an excess of vitamin D in the atmosphere today. The sun is out and its mid-50s. I love this weather. It makes me uncontrollably happy. I almost regret writing inside because the day is so nice.  This is the reason why I should think about getting a netbook.

When the sun is out, there is no limit to my happiness. The sun is contagious, like a virus. There aren’t many things in the world that can instantly change my mood, but natural solar energy does.

Later today I get to Skype my parents and friend from home, which I can’t wait to do because I miss them. Then I’ll be meeting my friend Vivian at the train station  tonight. She is coming back from a weekend trip!

Next weekend I’m going to Florence and then to Sicily the week after. Things are looking up. I’m confident about where I am, excited about where I’m going, and anxious to take on my next challenge.

See you, Space Cowboy…

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