Street Performers seek to impress at 2013 Venice Carnevale

Ever wonder what a puppeteer in Venice can do? Puppeteers in Venice make a killing off of tourists empathetic citizens and other street performers.

On our way back to our hotel the second night in Venice, we saw this amazing puppeteer just past the Ponte di Rialto bridge and shopping district. The man shown in the video below was controlling his puppet as violinist music was playing through his long black, 90s looking boom box. His puppet looked a little bit like the doll, Chucky, as seen in the horror films.

But what I loved about the doll playing the violin whilst the music was blaring through the speakers was the synchronization of this street performer with his doll. It was so in sync that had you not seen the boom box, you’d think the doll was playing the violin soley on the command of his maker.

Street performers like this guy occupy many parts of popular squares or tourist sites in Venice.

We also saw a tall, medium-built man with a lime green wig dressed in a costume that a mime might wear to the park in Manhattan blowing bubbles using to long poles. He would dip these long poles into a bucket of slippery, soapy water and what emerged was a mess of bubbles and soap scum. He constructed large bubble after large bubble, each one only a little different from the first. You could tell he had been working in this spot for a while because there were crowds of people around him and there was a layer of soap glued to the piazza like paper mache.

I managed to snap a couple of photos of him in action even with hundreds of curious bodies around me pushing and prodding their way through each other like the Zombie Apocalypse was actually a real epidemic.

Street performers of all types find refuge and comfort in showing off their skills in front of large crowds of people. Even artists who like to tag the ground with chalk with elaborate drawings of beasts or masked figures make a show out of their work.

And this type of behavior, while similar to performers in the states, seems much more authentic and genuine to me. Street performing is about relating to a crowd and getting them to like you. I mean, how else would you got about collecting money from tourists and Venetians?


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