Knee Jerk Reactions from La Civita di Bagnoregio

Before I tell you about my incredible trip to the dying city, a few housekeeping things to catch up on…

I recently dropped my Intermedio Italian I class due to the fact the Chrsistina, la mia professoressa, speaks faster than Busta Rhymes in Chris Brown’s song, “Look At Me Now.” I’m not kidding. I know I’m in the wrong class when I have to turn to my classmate next to me and ask, “What did she just say??”

Since I should really be taking Italian classes here, I have decided to self-study. I am going to be working in Rosetta Stone, acquired from my uncle (thank you!) I have level 1,2, and 3. I also have all of my Italian notes from my previous Italian classes and the book. I’ll be meeting with my Italian language buddy every week, but hopefully its twice per week. I requested a new Italian friend named Evan. I’ll have more information on him when I meet with him later this week or next. I’m going to stay in my Italian Conversations classes to improve my ability to speak, listen, and write the language

I’m confident that these self-study techniques will help me pick up the language much quicker than the Intermedio class will.

La Civita di Bagnoregio
When we arrived at the base of the high altitude city, I was taken aback by the sheer beauty and perfection that I was being exposed to. I mean it was the perfect day for this trip. It looked as ancient from afar as Stefano, the program director, described. The view to the right is what I was looking at when I got the dying city. I almost didn’t want to move. The sky, the mountains formed by wind currents over many centuries and the excusivity I felt at this moment made me feel like I was in paradise. Italy really has become paradise to me, I love it here. I mean, who doesn’t love this?

After traversing up the path, which is paved and much wider than you’d think, we arrived at the arches of this archaic structure where St. Bonaventure lived. As I walked through the dying city, which is occupied by roughly 15 Italian citizens, I couldn’t help but think I was Ezio Auditore, the fictional (but real to me) character from the Assassin’s Creed series.

I kept staring at this tower thinking I had to climb it in under 20 seconds for the Xbox achievement after killing the Borgia captain and lighting the tower on fire. I actually really wanted to climb it and take a leap of faith, just like in the games. But then again, there was no hay to fall into and it probably wouldn’t save me anyway. The fact of the matter is that the entire city is built of stone and occupied by cats at this point. There were small shops for food, including crepes spread with Nutella. Italians are big on Nutella here, its like our peanut butter.

There were grooves and footholes in ever stone, almost like it was meant to be climbed. The stones were aged, covered in dirt and probably germs from all the people that have touched them. The history we were exposed to here was much more fun than most of us expected. It just goes to show you how often you can be surprised when you keep your mind open. Every day I think about these three things: Shifting my mental focus, watching my language, and changing my posture, which helps me keep a positive outlook on a generally stressful situation. That is, being abroad in another country for four months.

I really enjoyed the visit here and had an incredible time taking pictures, which are still up on my Facebook page. Just click the link in bold called, “La Civita di Bagnoregio.”

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day…


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