Here’s a look at the classes I’ll be taking

I leave in THREE days!! I’m so excited I’ve decided to post the classes I’ll be taking starting on January 10. I may add or drop another one — not sure yet but I have some in mind.

Without further delay, here’s a list and description of each class I’ll be receiving academic credit for:

Italian Conversation

Spring (Italian, 2 credits, 300-level)

This course facilitates the acquisition of language necessary to express oneself in daily situations as well as in more difficult contexts. Functionally oriented conversational themes and related vocabulary and phraseology will be introduced for discussion and intensive practice.

Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet

Spring (3 credits, 300-level)

Students are given the opportunity to observe the art of preparing Italian foods and study the relationship between food and culture. USAC provides instruction and facilities for this cooking class. Each student is charged a separate, non-refundable fee of $280 to help pay for the ingredients. This fee also entitles you to enjoy the great dishes that are prepared in class! Taught in English.
Italian Gardens: Renaissance to Baroque

Spring (Architecture, Art, History, 3 credits, 300-level)

Students will visit significant gardens and villas of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods with the intent to experience first hand the sublime quality of these masterpieces as prototypes for contemporary landscape architecture and garden design. Concepts explored include: 1) How are these gardens and villas expressions of their cultural, historical and geographic context? What were the major social and economic forces that shaped them? What lessons can be derived from these gardens when considering the forces that shape our own world today? 2) What is the role of the idea, allegory and metaphor in the design of the Italian Renaissance garden? What narratives from classical history were most common? How are symbolism and iconography used in the garden to give meaning and create place. There is an additional fee of $180 in order to help defray costs of excursions and overnight stays. Taught in English. (Spring semester)

Travel Writing

Spring (English, Journalism, 3 credits, 400-level)

This course will focus on reading, discussion, and writing of travel journals and essays. We will first examine the history of travel writing with a special, but not exclusive, emphasis on Italy. We will read classic essays by writers such as DH Lawrence and Henry James as well as more contemporary pieces. The course will investigate the main issues of travel writing: place and displacement, identity, and the genius loci while helping students enhance their writing skills. In addition to reading and preparing for class discussion, students will be required to keep a travel journal and to do writing exercises in class and for homework. One essay must be an analysis/critique of a piece of travel writing or of the work of a travel writer. Taught in English.

Southern Italy Field Study

Spring (Italian, 1 credit, 200-level)

This field study course is designed to optimize the benefits of the tour by providing a solid historic and artistic base for studies of Italian culture, art and architecture. The point of departure for the course will be the sites visited on the four-day tour: Sorrento, Napoli, Pompei, Amalfi and Caserta. Requirements include pre-departure readings, a daily journal of the tour (which depending on the skills of each student may contain short essays, drawings and sketches, photographs), completion of a comprehensive study guide and a final exam which will be given at the program site. (Spring semester)

I am undecided if I’ll keep this class:

Intermediate Italian I

Spring (Italian, 3 credits, 200-level)

Intended to further develop Italian language skills, both oral and written. Conversation, reading, and writing focus on culture and modern literature. Particular emphasis on oral skills. Prerequisite: two semesters of college Italian.

I might add this one:

Studio Art I: Beginning Drawing and Painting Italy

Spring (Art, 3 credits, 100-level)

This course is designed for students who are interested in the practical experience of art. Students will need to work outside the classroom, as well as in class. This course is designed to generate competence in individual aesthetic style. The interrelation of painting and drawing with other media and disciplines will also be encouraged and issues on the interpretation of drawing and painting will be addressed. Taught in English.

Post your thoughts about my schedule here. Like I said, nothing is definite but the top five. I’m just looking forward to the flight and the inevitable touch down in the land of food.

Until next time, Ciao.

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