A Day in The Life of UMass Amherst’s SGA President

Akshay Kapoor poses for a recent photo.


“Nobody ever said this was going to be easy,” said Student Government Association President Akshay Kapoor in a recent interview. Kapoor, senior, works for almost 18 hours a day on student policy, administrative tasks, personal coursework, and event appearances.

“On a typical day, I get up at 6:30 or 7 in the morning and  I’m usually in the office by 10 after going to Whitmore. Then I have a meeting – almost daily with my attorney general, and closest advisor, Matt Berquist. He briefs me on all the judicial things happening on campus and then I check in with the rest of my cabinet,” said the Public Health and Sociology major.

“On any afternoon, there are a lot more events to go to — a lot of appearances you make on behalf of the campus — like university hosted alumni events, reception dinners, multicultural nights, and dialogues,” he said.

Kapoor, who is also a Resident Assistant on the 21st floor in Washington dorm of Southwest Residential area, does not have a lot of free time. “Between all the meetings, updates, and events – there’s not much time to yourself. No more than an hour and a half per day,” he said.

“It takes a toll on your social life, its very limited.”

When he does have free time, he likes to read, spend time at Theta Chi, his fraternity, or go to the gym.

“I wake up really early and can’t go out as much, its been a lot harder, you’re constantly dealing with stress,” said the senior who also happens to be a Biology and Philosophy minor.

“You’re always in the know,” he said. “The first to find out if a student as been assaulted, or something worse. You deal with those issues directly and its you’re responsibility to help the UMass community overcome those issues.”

Though his job his stressful, Kapoor said the he really enjoys his role as the ‘Student Chancellor.’ “Its a very different experience and I encourage other students to take leadership positions like this.”

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