Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning create sparks in Denver [Guest Post by Trevor Bullard]

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall

When a surefire Hall of Famer with an unshakable body of work is available, you do whatever it takes to get him.

That’s the philosophy that Denver Broncos Executive Vice President, John Elway and head coach John Fox practiced during the last two weeks of “Manningwatch,” as the quest for Peyton Manning’s services became a fixture along the ticker of ESPN’s SportsCenter program.

A press conference called yesterday afternoon by the Broncos announced that Manning will be joining the team next season. The Broncos finished one of the most hyped (.500) seasons in recent memory due to the popularity of Tim Tebow.

Tebow was shunned an owner and coach who reluctantly handed him the keys to the driver’s seat only after publicly questioning the former Heisman trophy winner’s ability as a quarterback. The team demonstrated its confidence in Tebow’s future with the team by announcing their intentions of trading him once Manning’s contract is finalized. Yikes.

With various sources placing the ceiling on Tebow’s value between a 3rd and 5th round pick, there are obviously questions about his value. Former NFL General Manager, Charley Casserly said he wouldn’t return better than a fifth round draft choice.

If I’m a GM or an owner and I have a quarterback not named Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Eli Manning or Peyton Manning — I’m getting Tebow, NOW! Yes, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Michael Vick; that means you’re getting ousted for Tebow.

Tebow is one of those rare talents who doesn’t give up easily. His personal values don’t allow it. You don’t have to think he’s good or like him to see that the man goes out there on Sunday and busts his ass for 60 minutes of football, or to see that the product of that Sunday game is the result of busting his ass in every practice, and working harder than everyone else during the offseason.

That’s why his future GM doesn’t have to worry about where his skills are now. Tebow is going to work as hard as he can until he can throw the ball better than anyone else in the league. But if I’m a GM, I’m not only looking at Tebow, but also his determination and commitment.

The movie Limitless is about a drug that allows the subject to access all of their memories through unlocking receptors in their brain, which provides a competitive edge over other people. While the drug is a hoax, positive attitude and motivation is not. Tebow is constantly challenging, encouraging, and motivating his teammates through leading by example. His in-game audio clips demonstrate these leadership capabilities.

Working hard isn’t a skill; it’s a representation of someone’s integrity and ability to do the right thing. Plenty of players in all different sports limit themselves because they allow themselves to give 97% on some plays. Plenty of players in all sports limit their teams because they allow their teammates to give 98% on some plays. Tim Tebow is going to push him and his teammates 100% of the time. He’s going to get them to buy in and win games that maybe their skill level says they shouldn’t win, but buy-in is a powerful thing.

With a player like Tebow, who is going to study film, lift weights and make throws long after the lights are shut off at whatever stadium he winds up playing in; buy-in will happen.

Isn’t that worth a 5th round draft pick?

Trevor Bullard can be reached at tbullard16@gmail.com. View his LinkedIn profile and Google+ profile.



I am a senior at the University of Massachusetts. While my major is political science, I have experience working in the business fields. I have strong people skills and work well in teams. As president of my fraternity, I have developed strong leadership skills and learned how to inspire a vision and goals for an organization and work toward that vision through the membership. As a senior member in the chapter, I’ve developed my facilitation and leadership development skills as a mentor for the new executive board and a new member coordinator. I work well with technology and can perform basic IT troubleshooting, and am proficient with social media outlets.

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