UMass Amherst remains open much to students’ dismay

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    snow day? Not @UMassAmherst. We’re in school no matter what! #umasssnow
  2. UMass Student Kelly Gray reacts to the decision by campus administrators to move forward with classes as scheduled.
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    Really UMass? Amherst schools are closed, why not us? I have a pretty long commute and I really need a snow day. I have three interviews to transcribe and I was hoping to work on them at home today with a cup of hot chocolate.
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    everyone is so confused about why we have school right now #umasssnow
  5. A look at UMass Student, Matt Creedon’s mobile photography on the campus on Thursday.
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    Still snowing and I have 3 more hours of class to get through #umasssnow
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    @jmageary this constant snow is not helping with my abilities to get some b-roll for our lovely #multimediajournalism class #umasssnow
  9. UMass student braces for the harsh winds and snowfall that befuddled the campus last Thursday.
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    I love watching the facial expressions of my classmates when they walk through the door covered in snow. #miserable #umasssnow
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    Even though there is slush and snow covering just about every square inch of campus ground, we are in session. #umassfail #umasssnow
  13. UMass does an (in)adequate job clearing off side walks during snow storms.
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    Matt (GA) says: “The weather is obnoxious because its slushy and wet and gross but its to be expected because its New England” #umasssnow
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    Snow has stopped, but roads remain icy. Where’s the salt? @UMassAmherst #umasssnow
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    Alex(GA) says: “this weather sucks. I missed 3 classes and slid off the street” #umasssnow
  18. Even on Friday, the walking surfaces were not cleaned enough. One student fell four times due to slick surfaces.
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    Fell a total of 4 times today UMASS might want to look into some rock salt #umasssnow
  20. Another snow storm plagued the Amherst area over the weekend.
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    No snow in December, January, February…snow in March. Only in New England. #umasssnow
  23. As New England has proven time and time again, the weather can make a 180 degree turn in just days.
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    Oh how fast the weather changes. Going to be in the sixties on Thursday. #cantwaitforspring #umasssnow

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