Brotherhood Luncheon Stirs Emotions

The Brotherhood Luncheon at Conclave play host to an altruistic ideal that we as SigEps must be conscious of each and every day of our lives. “The purpose of this fraternity is to intensify and perpetuate friendships,” said past Grand President Steve Shanklin (’07-’09) as he reiterated the Founders’ words of the past.

Introduced by Master of Ceremonies Bert Harris ’74 of the University of Florida, our Grand Chaplain called upon the room to remember the departed brothers dear to our hearts. “This necrology,” he said, “is for brothers who have had a lasting impact on our own lives and our fraternity.”

And as he called roll for the last time of our deceased brothers, the room became dead quiet – over a thousand SigEps recalled the lives of the men who paved the way for them and their chapters. The Chaplain said it perfectly as he preached to an audience of over 1450 brothers, “The virtuous, courageous things we do every day have more of an impact on people than we think.”

Harris later called upon Shanklin to present the 2011 Honor of the Philias award. “Today we honor our founders’ vision and the principle of brotherly love,” said Shanklin as he began to introduce this year’s recipient.

He spoke of a SigEp, who, just a few months after leaving his family behind in Kenya overcame lymphoma, a form of cancer. And while his brothers continued to support him and his fight against cancer, the chapter and its AVC took it one step further – pledging to fly his mother to the U.S to see her son. “When you see someone going through chemotherapy with a smile on their face, it says a lot about the type of person they are,” said Iowa Delta president at Drake University, Aaron Cook of Shiv Morjaria.

Morjaria received a standing ovation when he was announced as this year’s 2011 winner. Then Shanklin retook the microphone, “Shiv asked me to give an updated sports score,” Shanklin said. “Shiv one, Leukemia zero.” A feeling of happiness imploded from the hearts of the brotherhood as they erupted with joy, and that is what a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon means to one another.

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