My First (and probably last) UGC

Here is the video!

And here is the one from Youtube, which has the AC/DC version of the track. I will stress that the one above is using creative commons free licensed music.

Bear witness to the first and last piece of user generated content as humorous and unnecessary as this on right here. I was horsing around with my friend a couple of weeks ago and this is what we got. Driving down the road, we saw a man running, then walking (he was identifiably NOT a runner) so we turned around to see what his deal was. It turns out that he had a hole as big as the opening to the Devil’s Cage. The rip was on the back of his pants. You could see his underwear from a mile away. My friend and I started cracking up so we whipped out the phone camera and grabbed some footage.

I think the video tells viewers a story in that we can see what appears to be a normal person scaling the sidewalk going God knows where and a pair of young adults who clearly see the humor in the situation. The storyline takes off when we catch a glimpse of his clothing malfunction. Our plan was to see what his next move was, but we lost sight of him, only to find him a mile down the road when we were waiting at a red light.

The story’s arc takes an dramatic ride because our guess is that he had no idea that he had a rip in his pants. And given that he was running, that could have been the reason why his pants ripped in the first place. It is funny because seeing him walk down the road for so long without realizing what had happened became hysterical. He was walking as if nothing happened. This is definitely America’s Funniest Videos worthy, but I don’t think it would ever get picked. Maybe for a junior AFV show or something.

The fact that this all happened on a Saturday afternoon in one of the sketchiest places I know is just as laughable. I chose the song,”T.N.T.” by AC/DC to be the backbone of my video. Because a lot of the audio is laughing, mixed with some lines of humor. Nonetheless, it is my background music and I think it lines up very well with what is going on in my scene. When “public enemy number one” comes over the speakers you catch this guy nonchalantly walking away as if nothing is going on. I think this helps with the humor because in reality, he could have been flagged with some indecent exposure charge (hence the name of the video) from the police had they been around. (The video is in the previous link.)

The audio compliments in such a way that our words cannot do on their own. “Lock up your daughter, lock up your wife … I’m a wanted man,” come on. That line is too perfect. The video is essentially about someone who exposed themselves (hopefully unintentionally) on a main road. With a hole in his pants, the line fits very well. The cops are looking for him, he is a wanted man (but not really.)

Without the song, nothing works. And before I forget, the song I originally wanted to use was AC/DC’s version of the song, but in light of the copyright warning I found a free cover version of the song on which is a site where musicians post their music. I was mindful of any other potential lawsuits by confirming that the song was listed in the Creative Commons (CC) section of the site. The cover is done by Smokin’ Scott Powell who has a fair amount of songs on the site. And there are some well-composed songs on the site if you look hard enough. His version of the song is not as good as the original, obviously, but it puts up a good fight, even tho he doesn’t even sound close to AC/DC at the beginning. I tried to work around that and ultimately am very happy how it turned out.

So for my final analysis of this assignment. I’d say that I really did enjoy it, though it wasn’t my favorite assignment to do, it kept me interested and I actually learned something during the process. I learned how to use a camera, even though it was just a phone camera.  I chose to submit it to Mass Live for a number of reasons. First, it was very easy to use, it is a very interactive site and really makes things easier. I had such a fluid time using the site. I thought it was the best site because they had a funny video section and my video (was) indeed laughable. I think that is what made it the best part.

One thing that really surprised me was the amount of time it takes to put something like this together. Even in 1 minute and 40 seconds, it still can take hours to edit and finalize. The process of filming, editing, uploading and blogging is such a long process. I will never forget the experience because this is something I can carry with me throughout my career as a journalist.

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