Yelp Reviews

The first review that I wrote was for Chilis. And the second review that I wrote was for a little place right here in Amherst that EVERYONE knows. My experience on Yelp was pretty welcoming actually. I mean the site is very user-friendly and after reading some of the reviews on the site I kind of got a good idea of how most people write reviews on the site. Because after all, I want people to see my reviews, that is the point of writing it.

Anyway, so the first review I wrote, which was for Chili’s, I kind of just read some of the others and it was very easy to write from that. I mean, who hasn’t been to Chilis. It is a chain restaurant so their food is the same mostly everywhere you go. You just need to know what to avoid and in what situation to go there. Like you wouldn’t go to Chilis with your family because it is too loud and very congested. However, if you want to have a guys night there, it is perfect. Grab some salsa and watch the game.

I wrote the other  review on Bueno Y Sano, which we all know as a fantastic burritos spot in Amherst. They have great burritos. For this, it’s very varied. Most people won’t write the same thing that anyone else would write because it’s not a change. So in that way, it was a lot more fun to write a review for a small place over Chilis. And I did this on purpose to get a different feel for writing on Yelp.

I would recommend anyone else using Yelp because I actually read some things about restaurants I want to go to so that was very cool. I think I might start using Yelp before I actually go and try a place to eat.

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