Youtube and Rebecca Black

I know this video is going to be posted a lot. But it rightfully should. The video is terrible but its hip, its hot and everyone wants to see it.


So this video has become a certified viral video according to the Huffington Post.

That said, It is a compelling video. It is popular and its viral, it has gotten so much attention. Its national. The girl has over 84 million views, hell, I am blogging about it! Of course it is compelling. Not that the video is compelling in a good way. Most people you ask will say that it is an awful video because it is a terrible song. But people EVERYWHERE are talking about it. There is no way to avoid the fact that this video IS news. It is news because it is absurd. She sings a song about the day being Friday and she cannot decide whether or not to sit in the front of the back. Look at all the attention she has received. She has received tons of money, and she is only like 15 years old. She has gotten airtime on all the major networks and even some of the syndicated networks. She was spotlighted on Tosh.o as well. Tell m how this is not a viral video. Its gone viral for all the wrong reasons. It is bad, it is cheesy and it is too childish. A song like this should never be popular because the lyrics are nonsensical. Thank goodness we have not heard this over the radio yet (knock on wood.) The content is not compelling, but the aura of the video is. It is more popular because people are curious, not because it is a good video. I think it went viral through a combination of curiosity, intrigue, suspicion. It only takes one. Essentially what we have here is an awful video that the girl’s parents spent a lot of money on. It got its wings from Daniel Tosh and it has been flying solo ever since. We talked in media ethics last year about the way these things get popular. It only takes one for it to rise through the ranks. Unfortunately, this did. People were surprised by its popularity. In this, parodies have come about, and people make fun of it whenever they can. Too bad peoples’ time is being wasted on this…

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