Journ391: Jennings

Blog assignment 2: ComputerWorld’s Richi Jennings pulls together lots of links on his blog, talking about the recent South by Southwest Interactive keynote speech made by 4chan founder Christopher Poole. Read the Jennings blog post and its accompanying links and embedded video. Then write your own blog post, saying where you currently stand on anonymity. Also, talk about the way Jennings tells the “story.” Is it effective or not? Why? (250 words)

So Moot decides to rip Zuckerberg, an internet icon for what? 15 minutes of sun. He’s been underneath his rock way too long. I simply do not agree with him throwing the Facebook God under the bus. You would think he knows a thing or two about social networking…

Poole said in an interview: “The internet allows people to “reinvent themselves” as if they were moving home or starting a new job … the cost of failure is really high when you’re contributing as yourself.”

So if we want to reinvent ourselves, why can’t we do it with a full biography. I am gonna be journalist, so I would want what I write to be attached to my name. Of course, I do a lot more moderating on Facebook and everything now. I just feel that Poole should be a little more understanding of what the internet has become. To that degree, I do think the Jennings’ story was effective because it attracted a large audience, and hey, we are talking about it…

I also think it was effective because it connected the idea of anonymity to 4chan. 4chan sprouted ‘Anonymous,’ a national group that advocates for a number of different issues. So because of the groups notoriety,  this post is very effective.

My stance on anonymity hasn’t changed since our last time talking about it. While I personally am not in favor of anonymous posting because it takes away from the seriousness and legitimacy of any discussion, I do not have a problem with it. I would make everything I do public because that is my goal – to be recognized over the internet. But if someone would rather be anonymous, then so be it. I just don’t want them spamming our online forums and everything like that.

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