Journ391: The Wonderful World of Flickr

Check out this photo from a sample Gallery on Flickr:

Baggage Claim in San Francisco

San Francisco Baggage Claim in 2009

Click on the image to see the full gallery…

Blog assignment 1: Find your own example of a tag on Flickr that helps tell a story of “an event,” similar to the Cony Island Mermaid Parade talked about in the Shirky book. Write a 300-word blog post, talking about the strengths and weaknesses of this photo gallery as a story-telling platform.

So I chose this gallery because I like to travel and I like to see a lot of different places because wherever I visit there is most definitely a landmark now worth missing.  This gallery was done by a user named Meg Pickard. Now I don’t know her intentions of this post beyond the literal translation of it. That is, the idea that everywhere we go the first thing we see is the baggage claim rotisserie of any given airport.  I think this is a very strong gallery because of the way we travel these days. It is representative of so many different stigmas in our country. When we travel, we go to an airport, interact with other passengers and pick up our baggage from claim.Most units look exactly the same, except for this one. This is a photo, from the same gallery of a baggage claim unit in Singapore. I thought it was interesting because we don’t have units like this in the states. At least not what I have seen. So I thought this was a strong album because it represents us a nation of people. We travel A LOT. And we usually do it alone. The first thing we see is the baggage claim. The next thing we see is the landscape. The point I am making is that we see places and they are usually characterized by the airport we visit because sometimes we don’t leave the airport (if it’s a connecting flight) or we don’t see the area until later. The gallery tells the story of being alone and seeing everything in a world of mechanized technology. I think it is a good representation of point A to point B. By that, I mean that everything we do at an airport starts and finishes at baggage claim. In between all of that there is going through security, sitting and waiting to board the plane, boarding the plane, taking off, landing, etc. You get my point. Though I would say it is not strong in some ways because we miss a lot of the story. We don’t get to see the everything in between and that doesn’t paint us the most accurate image in our heads. Since we miss most of what is going on, we are left to make what is on our own. Some people can’t do that. In the end, that really is the gallery’s biggest downfall. We have to fill in the story ourselves and don’t have the image to associate it with. So people who haven’t experienced flying at its greatest moments won’t understand the story of this gallery. However, since I am the one picking the gallery it doesn’t matter because I have flown and I know what that is like.

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