Ziegler Comparison and Reaction

I think John Ziegler, per the Wallace piece compares to other talk show hosts quite well. His work pre-dateline is that similar to other shows in his style of preparation. Both seem to prepare a lot, the key is to be ready and it seems as though he always tries to make that the case.

There are three main challenges facing tonight’s John Ziegler Show. One is that Emiliano Limon is off on certain personal business that he doesn’t want described, and therefore Mr. Vince Nicholas is soloing as producer for the very first time. Another is that last night’s on-air exchange with Daryl of Temecula is the type of intensely stimulating talk-radio event that cries out for repetition and commentary; Mr. Z. wants to rerun certain snippets of the call in a very precise order so that he can use them as jumping-off points for detailing his own “history with O.J.” and explaining why he’s so incandescently passionate about the case.

As seen in this excerpt from the Wallace piece, there is uncertainty that follows Mr. Z around on his show. Take the fact that while these guys are usually unprepared, Ziegler is right on the money. He likes to re-run certain snippets of the calls he does. He wants to run them in precise order, with a specific method of doing things. Sensing that he keeps track of the possible flow of his show, he compares to other hosts because he keeps things in order. He does everything in sequence.

Most of the talk show hosts I have listened to are comical, but inevitably organized. Their organization is certainly one of the biggest factors of listening to the show because nobody wants to listen to a show that is disorganized and rough. A smooth, translucent show is something I have grown accustomed to listening to and it definitely seems like Ziegler prides himself on doing things in order so that they flow and get along with each other.

Reaction to Wallace Piece

I want to start by listing the quote…

The fact of the matter is that it is not John Ziegler’s job to be responsible, or nuanced, or to think about whether his on-air comments are productive or dangerous, or cogent, or even defensible. That is not to say that the host would not defend his “we’re better”—strenuously—or that he does not believe it’s true. It is to say that he has exactly one on-air job, and that is to be stimulating.

If I am understanding this correctly, the argument here is that John Ziegler’s job is not to be responsible, but stimulating. While I read that Ziegler intends to be organized and maintain order most of the time, his producers have a direction different from his. So Ziegler could be overly eager, expecting too much out of his producers, or he could be right. I think, to a degree, the show be flowing, it should make you want to keep listening, and of the talk show host believes it should go one way, and the producers feel it should be the other — maybe there could be some common ground between the two.

Yes, it is not Ziegler’s responsibility to do this, but it makes sense. The guy has to be stimulating, absolutely has to be engaging so that his audience continues to tune into him every week. If he is doing a great job stimulating the audience — keeping them involved, he should be allowed some creative direction. His job is to be stimulating and that is the fact of the matter point being made here, but that type of analysis is insane. He will obviously defend whatever point he makes in that sense because he is the host of the show, he should believe in what he is saying to actually be saying it. If he doesn’t believe in his own words he should not be saying what he is. So I just feel like this statement started off strong, but flamed out because it is a uninsightful connection between two very distinct points.

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