Journ391: Assignment #1–Week 2

Editors see a policy of limited editorial intervention as the only way to ensure an open and honest debate about the varied issues that face citizens of a multicultural society. They are also eager to show that ethical aims of fairness, accuracy and balance underpin the letters pages. (Page 87)

This quote doesn’t seems to exemplify just how hypocritical editors can be. As I said before, protecting the bottom line has always been the most important thing for editors, not for the sake of themselves, but for the sake of their bosses. By that, I mean the guys that actually decide what will make the most money.  But before I tackle that half of the aforementioned statement, let us first examine the first half – the half that effectively tags this as a whole lot of  John Kerry esque aura.

Editors believe that limited editorial intervention insures an open, albeit honest debate about many different things that plague society. So while editors bend over backwards and pledge allegiance to fairness and honesty, that pledge seems to be lost in the selection process of the very issues that Wahl Jorgensen tries to convey to us.  Multicultural issues run rampant in a country such as ours because of its diversity. There just doesn’t seem to be a way to satisfy everyone. You simply cannot make everybody happy. And while editors are taking orders for white elitists most other things that really do matter get vanquished into yesterday’s news. Editors block out the ‘editorial opinions’ that make the world go round.

Moreover, if fairness, ethics, and balance really do underpin the pages of a paper, why are so many minorities, issues and real-world issues constantly ignored and even under represented. Fairness and accuracy are lost in translation as editors pick and choose content. Nothing is ever fair, and nothing is ever truly balanced because of the many different angles that can be measured off of this one central issue. Chalking this all up, editors are hypocrites with the power to make the corresponding decisions about them. The claim that editors consistently make is even more unbalanced than the content and analysis that they strive to provide.

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