Quiz 11/3

TEHRAN — The country of Iran on Tuesday, a day coinciding with busy traffic in downtown Tehran, its historic capital city, celebrated the start of the process of loading 163 fuel rods into the core of its first nuclear power plant reactor, putting it within months of operation and reinflaming concern in diplomatic circles that the country is interested not in generating electricity, but in making warheads that could threaten its Middle East neighbors, particularly Israel.

—TEHRAN –The historic capital city of Iran celebrated the beginning of a lengthy process that involved loading an astounding 163 fuel rods into the core of the country’s first ever nuclear power plant reactor on Tuesday. The power plant reactor would generate a record amount of electricity. The loading of the above mentioned fuel rods puts the reactor within months of full-service operation.

However there is some concern regarding the legitimacy of Iran’s intentions. The addition of the fuel rods reignited fast growing concern within many diplomatic circles that the country is less interested in generating electricity and more determined to produce warheads that could threaten many of its Middle East neighbors, including the U.S. allied Israel.


– 1. WASHINGTON, Nov 3 (Reuters) – The party’s big victories in Congress could compel a second look at parts of President Barack Obama’s sweeping healthcare overhaul, but any changes will be subtle and a far cry from the blanket repeal vowed by leaders.
Democrats’ continued control of the Senate, albeit with a smaller majority and with veto power, leave the Republicans with only a weak hand in trying to push through aggressive changes.

++It is not clear what party the lead is alluding to. What kind of look will be given to the health-care overhaul? Blanket repeal by whom? Because of the absence of the subject, readers are left dazed and confused – unable to understand what the lead is trying to say.

– 2. (USA TODAY) Sunday’s New York City Marathon may be the first time that the crowd is more interested in a runner who’s way, way back in the pack than the leaders.
Edison Pena tells the New York Daily News he hopes to break 4 hours even though he has never run further than 10 miles.

++Why is the crowd more interested? sentence fragments here, too. The second sentence would have been a better lead. Anyway, we don’t know how many hours it took him to run 10 miles so we cannot tell if his goal is reachable. The lack of numbers, like hours and miles leaves the reader wondering what he is actually trying to do. The first sentence lacks flow, and the SVO structure as well.

– 3. (HOUSTON CHRONICLE) DALLAS — A coroner says toxic levels of cocaine, PCP and Ecstasy caused the accidental death of a suspect after Dallas police shocked him with a Taser. The report from the Dallas County medical examiner’s office involves the Sept. 12 death of 30-year-old Freddie Lee Lockett.
The Dallas Morning News, for its Wednesday editions, reported a Taser was used on Lockett at least six times.

++A suspect in  what crime, we need to know that in the lead. Is the death of this guy the suspect or a victim, it is not clear. The last line needs some editing as well. It is very fragmented, it doesn’t fit in to the lead and throws the readers off. The misinformation will not properly inform the reader. From reading this, I am not sure if Lockett is the victim or the suspect.

– 4. SAN FRANCISCO — More than 100,000 Giants fans, dressed in black and orange, lined the streets of San Francisco on Wednesday for a ticker-tape parade. The parade paid homage to the route taken when the Giants were first welcomed to San Francisco in 1958.

++Why was there a parade? The un-savvy reader will not know this is a baseball team being mentioned because the full designation is not made at the beginning. Why did they go on the same route as 1958, what is significant? The fundamental SVO is not clear here and it l;eaves the readers wondering why there was a parade to begin with.


++1) what was said: the speaker’s main point.–This is important for the reader to know because there can be no story if the reader is not informed of the main point. the main point should be among the very first things mentioned.

2) who spoke: name and identification. — This is important because without know who spoke and what their credentials are the credibility and legitimacy are in jeopardy. Readers will not take seriously an unidentified speaker speaking on a very important topic.

3) the setting or circumstance of the speech. –Why is this happening, where is it happening. Was there a cause that effected this? The reason a speech is called for is just as important as the name and content. People don’t give speeches for the heck of it, it is the reporter’s job to tell us why.

4) any unusual occurrences.–Unusual occurrences need to be documented and followed through because it could contain an interesting lead, or provide a better idea for the direction of the story. I believe the book gave an example of a reporter covering a dinner with the mayor or someone of that nature. One of the officials on stage who handed the mic over to this person just croaked dead. That ended up being the lead for the story.


SOURCING CASE STUDY: You are told on a reporting visit to the local police station that a detective has been placed on leave and there is an inquiry under way into objects missing from the department’s evidence room.
What are the first steps you take to get this story? Include specifics on sourcing.

1) you want to ask the receptionist who the detective was and what cases he had been working on.

2) you want to get some background information on this detective and what his credentials are.

3) you want to check the evidence log, if applicable, to see what has gone missing. cross-check.

4) you want to speak to other officers, or witnesses with direct knowledge of these disappearances.

5) try to speak to the detective under investigation, talk to his family and his friends.

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