Baker Expresses His Appreciation

Republican Charlie Baker was crushed by incumbent Democrat Deval Patrick in yesterday’s November elections but indicated his sincere gratitude for the opportunity to rival the now two-term Governor.

“He won fair and square. We fought the good fight, folks,” said Baker at the House of Blues in Boston, Mass. during his concession speech. While losing the race, and a chance to lead the Republican resurgence, Baker remained steadfast and optimistic.

Baker noted, “We certainly had disagreements over possible policies, and at times thing got tense. But I never thought for a moment or doubted for a moment that any of them [Deval’s campaign] didn’t have the best interests of the Commonwealth at heart.”

Deval Patrick indicated his willingness to follow through on some of the Baker campaign’s policy changes in his victory speech to which Baker took to his enjoyment. The Governor had said that he would be happy if Patrick passed some of his campaign ideas in the coming months.

At the same time, Baker showed his support and remained mindful of the state’s direction.  Baker emphasized the grit his counterpart exhibited over the past 15 months, which pushed his campaign committee every single day.

At the end of the day, Charlie Baker lost the race, but he did not lose his political savvy. Like any wise politician, Baker was sure to remain positive and congratulate Patrick’s re-election.

His final words went out as thanks for the dedicated support of volunteers, campaign contributors and most importantly his family. He thanked his wife, Lauren and his kids, AJ, Caroline and Charlie for being the rocks of his campaign.

In his closing remarks, Baker illuminated, “This is still, and always has been a great state to grow up and raise a family.”

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