North Amherst Community Meeting Addresses Break-ins

On Wednesday night,  officers of the Amherst Police Department  gathered at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church to educate members of the North Amherst Community on a recent string of break-ins.

Sergeant David Knightly believes the break-ins to be connected to each other. He believes the assailant is targeting specific areas and neighborhoods after a string of recent activity had been reported within the same streets or residential areas.

Officer Yvonne Molin reported at the assembly, 78 B & E’s in North Amherst across the board. She also reported around 60 home and 11 vehicle or parking lot B & E’s. The majority of these crimes have occurred during the week between the hours of two and six in the morning.

The break-ins have been a result of unlocked doors, open windows, and holes in the screens of open windows. While the Officers lamented the wishes pf the community to leave windows open at night, the results have been unsettling. No confrontations have occurred, and no one has been hurt reported Sergeant Knightly.

While community members raised concerns about safety, the Sergeant revealed recent finger printing on the scene has led to the identification of potential suspects. While no names were released at this meeting, Officer Michael Forcum said, “Vigilance is key for [the community.]”

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