Umass Approves Multi-million Renovation Project

The University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees recently approved plans to fund $546 million in construction renovation projects across all five Umass campuses — including Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell.

The projects funded under this bond will include renovations across the major campuses. Improvements will range from  beds in student housing at Umass Amherst, an academic building for Umass Boston, a marine science  complex for Umass Dartmouth and a parking garage for Umass Lowell.

The $546 million approval is another step in the renovations that started nearly ten years ago costing the state, and university a combined $2 billion. This comes  from the efforts of a university that has strived to render a better image around the globe of the Umass brand. Building projects have helped restore the faith and prominence in attending the University of Massachusetts.

In a prepared release, Umass President Jack Wilson said, “The University of Masschusetts has been building  world-class facilities in keeping with i recent designation as one of the best universities in the world.”

Wilson is referring to the World University rankings that list the Umass system at 56th in the world. Coincidentally, the only New England public university to make the list.

The decade long improvements have included two integrated science buildings, a library renovation, an emerging technologies center and ambulatory care building to all five campuses. These have helped raise the standards of the university in an “award-winning building program.”

The bond’s approval will stimulate the economy by providing jobs for construction workers, inspectors, and faculty. Plans to move forward next month will be facilitated by the University of Massachusetts Building Authority, which brokers bonds at optimal interest rates which are to be paid back by the university.

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