Interviewees, complete with Questions

Scott D. Jackson – Professional Staff of the Umass Environmental Science Department

What is your opinion on the Gulf Coast Oil Spills?

What kind of impact has this disaster had on the wetlands and other life in the coastal regions?

What are some future implications of this disaster?

What are some corrective actions BP, the government, and the citizens of the country should take?

What life has been more affected by this, land or aquatic? and Why?

Can the ecosystem ever recover from this? How?

Stephen D. McCormick–Faculty of environmental sciences. Specializing in Fish Ecology and Aqua Culture

What can you tell me about the Gulf Coast Oil Spills?

How is Aquaculture in danger as a result of this spill?

Are there any endangered species in further danger, or any species that could become endangered?

What are some long term implications as a result of the ocean spills?

Will there be any affect on climate change as a result of massive amounts of oil being spilled into the gulf?

What do you think is the most efficient solution to the problem?

***I will be gathering info about the US rep in my area as well—I think Niki Tsongas is the one I want. She is the Congressional, 5th district representative***

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