Course Goals

My name is Tyler Manoukian. I am in your class on Wednesdays from 6-9pm. I have reviewed the syllabus and understand and fully agree with the direction and intention of the course goals. I agree with the expectations of the class and will live up to them. It is a great idea to have come to class prepared and caught up in the reading. It is the best way to gain understanding of he concepts you will teach us in only 14 days.

My personal objectives in the class are to attain as much information as possible. I want to fully understand this class because it is an integral part of m future as a journalist. I want to improve on a few things in this class:
1) I want to increase my vocabulary when writing articles.
2) I want to get a better understanding of the method used to write articles.
3) I want to improve my style when writing. I want to understand the concepts taught in the class to become a better journalist.

4) I also want my approach to writing to improve, meaning my ability to take a very open, yet clear approach to a story.

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