Bringing The War Dollars Home (Globe Style?)

The Northampton City Council voted on Sept. 16 on a “Bring The War Dollars Home” resolution that would provide additional programs for returning soldiers. Plagued by the $128 million dollar spending on the war effort over the last nine years, Northampton and Amherst want the war to end, and the funding to terminate. The resolution will oppose increased troop levels in Afghanistan and additional funding for Military campaigns.

While President Obama declared an end to U.S. combat in Iraq. Concern of the integrity of public service has spiked. Ruth Hooke, an Amherst resident is concerned by department cuts and a less than spectacular infrastructure energized by a lack of state funding

A second vote on the warrant article is scheduled for Oct. 7. Followed by an Amherst Town Meeting on Nov. 8.

2 thoughts on “Bringing The War Dollars Home (Globe Style?)

  1. Hmm, honestly I have a few problems with this. I don’t think it says on the handout that the article actually provides for more programs for soldiers, that’s just what Hooke said she hopes it could be put toward. It is important to include the fact that supporters aren’t anti-troop, just anti-war, but you have to be really careful not to say the bill has something in it if it might not.

    Likewise, saying it will oppose additional funding in the third sentence, and cutting out which military campaigns makes things a little murky… the handout says it opposes legislation for additional funding, specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. By saying they want funding to “terminate” and not including the word legislation, you make it sound like they are trying to cut all financial support immediately, for ALL military campaigns, which it doesn’t sound like it aims to do from the source.

    Kind of nitpicky mechanics stuff but it’s gotta be accurate.

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